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Pain following oral surgery is normal and can usually be relieved by medications given or prescribed. Following the removal of a difficult or impacted tooth, pain will be more severe and will last longer. At times, further medications may be required. If severe pain persists 5 days after your surgery, please contact the office.

  1. Pain and Swelling

    Swelling following surgery is normal and varies from person to person, and also varies with the difficulty of the procedure. Following the removal of a difficult or impacted tooth, the swelling will be extensive, lasting for a period of 4 or more days. Some discomfort and swelling can be avoided if cold packs are applied the day of surgery.

    For swelling that persists 3 days after surgery, apply heat using a hot pack or hot damp cloth.

    Discolouration and bruising may occur on the face in the region of the surgery. This depends upon the procedure, your tendency to bruise, and the efficient use of cold packs.

    If you have followed the above instructions but you are still bleeding excessively after 5-6 hours, do the following:

    1. Remove any large, hanging blood clots.
    2. If biting gauze fails to stop the bleeding, bite on a wet tea bag. The tannic acid in the tea helps stop bleeding.
    3. Be as inactive as possible.
    4. When lying down, elevate your head using pillows.

    If you have any problems not discussed above, please call.

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