Sedation & Anesthesia

We are pleased to provide many different methods of sedation to our patients. Options include:

    • Oral Sedation – Pills taken before the appointment to relax you. You will be awake and aware of what is happening but more relaxed during the procedure.
    • Nitrous Oxide – Better known as Laughing Gas. This method of sedation is well suited to shorter procedures and children. It will give you a floating feeling, make time pass faster and make you less aware of what is going on around you.
    • Combination Methods (Modality 3) – We use several combination methods of oral medications and Nitrous Oxide depending on your level of anxiety and the type of procedure. With this technique most patients will have a nap while we work and remember very little if anything of the office visit. You will not be “put to sleep” but will have a decreased level of consciousness and awareness. These methods are well suited to patients who have a high level of fear.
    • IV sedation – A very predictable and controlled method of sedation that allows the dentist to adjust sedative medication dose in real time. You will still respond to verbal and tactile commands but be relaxed and remember very little if any of the appointment. Again, this method is well suited to patients with a high level of fear or will be undergoing an invasive procedure.
    • General Anesthesia – The dentists at Southside Dental work with an anaesthesiologist (Medical Doctor) to provide treatment for patients at an accredited non-hospital surgical facility. When under general anesthesia, you will be totally asleep and will remember nothing of the procedure.

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