About Dr. Raj

With a decade of clinical care behind him, dentistry has become a labour of love for Dr. Raj. Growing up in a family as involved in medicine, as it was in art; from an early age, Raj sought the platform in which he could feed his desire to combine both science and creativity.

Raj was born in Edmonton and raised in British Columbia. As a young adult, Dr. Raj studied the sciences at the University of Toronto, where a chance encounter with a professor led him to a career in Dentistry.

“I really didn’t know much about dentistry at the time, but it became. clear to me that it was an excellent opportunity to combine science with the humanities, not to mention. psychology and engineering. It really encompasses a little bit of everything”.

Dr. Raj completed his Dental Education at New York University in New York City, NY, which he followed by completing a hospital-based General Practice residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut. During his service there, he dedicated a significant amount of time treating medically complex cases on hospital patients, under the tutelage of a variety of the state’s best general dentists and specialists.

After a brief period working in Private Practice in the United States, Dr. Raj decided to return to Alberta. Incidentally, his first job upon returning to Canada was in Medicine Hat, where he worked as an associate for 2 years providing broad scope, comprehensive dentistry.

Following this period, Raj spent the next 6 years as the owner and operator of a rural Dental Practice in Provost, Alberta. He attributes his growth as a practitioner to the time he spent there. Returning to Medicine Hat is a welcome transition for Dr. Raj as he is looking forward to reconnecting with the community he once served a few short years ago.

“I think in the eyes of most people, great dentistry exists at the junction of form and function, but it truly boils down to listening to my patients. My goal is to provide pain-free, evidence-based treatment, but also spending a significant time asking and answering questions to get the best understanding of my patients’ expectations.”

Outside of dentistry, Raj enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, mixing electronic music, catching NBA and NHL games, spin classes, and spending time with his English Bulldog, “Daisy”.

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